Apache Beat is from New York, and this band is out with their first full-length indie, alternative rock album. The cover looks Flickr artistic. The title Last Chants appears to be clever. The content is torn right down the middle. Less than half of it is play-it-right-now good and the other half is, well, comme ci, comme a, and the half of that half is just the kind that you skip every time. Sounds a bit confusing, but the journey through the album can feel that way. There are clashes of sounds here and there and mismatching harmonies every now and then.

It’s a great attempt at trying to fuse different elements of sounds and instruments, but the lead signer’s notable voice is simply overpowered by the blend. Some of the tunes such as “Another Day” and “Last Chants” make for worthy downloads. They are lyrically rich and arranged lavishly and surprisingly are located at the bottom of the track listing.

Grade: C-

Last Chants is currently available.