If Ari Hest is the man that he reflects in his song lyrics, then there are millions of women who would find him the perfect man. The young singer/songwriter has an attitude that’s tuned to sensitive, a delivery that oozes sincerity and a voice that conveys wisdom.

All of Hest’s songs are about relationships even if they’re cloaked in metaphor. "They’re On to Me" describes a decrepit house to represent a crumbled love: "The tile in the kitchen is cracking / The stairs through the basement are sinking." But Hest’s forte stops short of tear-jerking, putting a hopeful spin on the sorriest of circumstance, somehow making all parties involved seem like winners in the end.

Hest plays acoustic guitar and is augmented by a basic band of lead guitar, bass, drums and occasionally piano – talented musicians all but not overly showy, leaving the vocals to carry the show. Fellas don’t be jealous; Hest has you halfway there. Just light the candles.

Grade: B+

Someone to Tell is currently available.