Not a bad album. Really. It’s complete. This is another good example of why CDs have a special appeal. You can tell the story for the full 90 minutes if you want. This one only reaches 46, but it’s nice nonetheless. The songs are all well written and show something new. The vocals do resonate with a bit of Blur, but are done very well.

The arrangements on the songs offer creativity and soul. The use of every instrument is so important, and most bands don’t have a clue what to do. So, coming across a set of guys that can do it for real is really great. Their previous effort was excellent, and this has done the same thing. It shows range and doesn’t sacrifice quality along the way.

Don’t look for the intensity that came about in the first part of 2000. This collection is running on a much more subdued tone. The live show will be interesting to see if this is the new direction of the band or if they decided to really push themselves and grow into a band that can play instruments and create some much-needed quality art with a wider stroke.

Grade: A

Another Man’s Treasure is currently available.