Jazmine Sullivan continues to make her mark with sophomore album, Love Me Back. The first track got me into the groove by borrowing classic ’90s hits from Mary J. Blige and Nas, which is perfectly fitting because Sullivan represents the passion and frustration put into digestible lyrics coupled with melodic and hypnotic harmonies that remind me of the classic mixtapes by Ron G and Kid Capri. The sensibility of her songs has always made her relevant.

With her subject matter and powerful delivery one has to take notice. Always poignant and powerful, Sullivan doesn’t shy away with “Redemption,” a tale of love gone wrong from a man and a woman’s point of view. Ever since her debut, Sullivan has always kept great company, and she carries on with her continuation of “Bust Your Windows” with the help of Ne-Yo on “U Get on My Nerves,” a duet speaking about the regrets of a past relationship and what the relationship looks like on the other side. Under the watchful eye of Missy Elliot, Jazmine Sullivan is becoming one of R&B’s powerful new voices.

Grade: A

Love Me Back is currently available.