HIM: I’m starting to regret my lack of experience. I’ve done the “dirty” with a few girls, but I feel like they were flukes or I was in the right place at the right time and never with a girl I’ve had emotional attachment to.

My problem is, on the two occasions I’ve been dating a “keeper” they have shown signs that they were interested in being more than friends (i.e. taking my hand, referring to themselves as my “lady friend”) the first time, [and] I didn’t exactly go in for the kiss, and the second time (a different girl) I did, and she wasn’t ready for it. On both occasions they seemed to suddenly lose attraction as if the date didn’t happen at all. What did I fail to give/say/do to them?

WG: Hey dude! OK, so we think it could come down to something as simple as bad breath, bad teeth, chapped lips, greasy skin or just being a bad kisser. Something is happening as you make a move and you need to rule these things out first. You need your mouth to smell good from the inside out.

Even if you think you’re fine in this department, you may not be. Sometimes there may even be something internal. So make sure that your mouth is in tip-top. Including your lips, make sure they are not dry. And with the skin, just make sure it’s something she would want to lay her lips on as well. Remember, you want to be as HEALTHY looking as possible in your face; this attracts women on a gut level.

With kissing, make sure you aren’t coming on too weak or too strong and that you have the right level of tongue power. Also take breaks. You don’t have to say anything, you just have to look her in the eye before you put your hand on hers and lean in for the kiss, or at the end of the night hug her and then lean in for the kiss. You could also say something during the kiss like, “You’re such a cutie,” to keep her interested.

Try these things. We know they’re basic, but they all gotta be in place so that the attraction is there first and foremost.

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