The Europeans own electro music. One example? Minitel Rose and their full-length album Atlantique. Yes, the trio – Raphael, Romain and Quentin – dress up each one of their 13 songs with elegance, panache and a sound that’s so Frenchy. Their album is seriously addictive, due to their groovy bass beats and synth keys. It’s what electro-disco is all about. The lyrics are catchy, the songs all tie in nicely together without being monotonous and the accent these guys sing with is just ooh-la-la, sexy.

These garçons have hits that’ll set you on fire and dancing ’80s style in no time. Getting yourself dressed up in high fashion while doing so is optional. Listen to “So You,” a tune that’s playfully attractive, something in the way the lead singer says, “so you/so you/and that’s what I love about you” just makes it a 10 on our list. The runner-up song would have to be “Captain,” followed by “Stay.” If you claim to not know how to dance, both of these songs will work their magic. It’s inevitable.

Grade: B+

Atlantique is currently available.