Every note, every line of “Next to Normal” is addictive and will make you insane with an immense desire for more.

Diana (Alice Ripley) is not your average sexually frustrated soccer mom. She is suffering an incurable mental disorder and not only breaking down herself, but dragging down her entire family. Her faithful husband Dan (Asa Somers) and rebellious teen daughter Natalie (Emma Hunton) are struggling to pick up all the pieces, but there may be too many to catch.

Ripley’s eccentric vocals coupled with her schizophrenic role are absolutely electrifying. The Tony Award-winning actress who originated this monster of a role will mess with your mind and leave you in tears.

The touching story leaves you questioning your sanity but grasping to it with a tight fist. Watching Ripley fail in nearly every method of treatment to cure her insanity is heartbreaking and painful.

Tom Kitt’s music paired with Brian Yorkey’s book and lyrics are phenomenally moving. The pop-rock score is mind-blowing and unique.

The demanding score requires top-notch talent to do it justice. Luckily, that’s exactly what this set of actors is made of. The cast and band are all rock stars. Their voices blend as flawlessly as their acting touches the hearts of every member in the audience. The three-tiered set is not just eye-catching, but entirely complimentary to the story.  

“Next to Normal” soars to new depths and will absolutely wow you.

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