“Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.” To quote Sir Willy Wonka when talking about chocolate might sound a bit cliché, but it’s apropos as these chocolates truly are made from pure imagination. Compartes Chocolatier’s flagship is small and off the beaten path of San Vicente Boulevard, a hidden treasure amongst the hustle and bustle of Brentwood’s main street.

The Compartes’ tradition began in 1950. Mrs. Compartes’ focus was simple: marrying European techniques with the U.S. taste for wholesome chocolate. Today, the Compartes brand is still family owned and helmed by 24-year-old Jonathan Grahm, who took over the chocolate shop at the tender age of 15. Through his worldwide travels as a kid, not to mention the fact that his family is firmly planted in the food industry, Grahm’s imagination is the driving force behind Compartes.

From the moment you step through the patio, pass the lavender and herb plants to the fresh baby blue interior the feeling that something special is at work is overwhelming. The display cases of bright confections, nuts and trinkets galore layer the walls at Compartes.

It’s evident that Compartes is Grahm’s passion as he whisks us through the kitchen of copper kettles and bowls filled with velvety chocolate, paintbrushes for the details on the sweets and dusting powder throughout the space. Modern-day confections are derived from nothing but the best ingredients.

Grahm notes, “All of the equipment is old school. There’s no manufacturing done here, everything is handmade and from the heart.”

Grand ideas of my personal Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dreams aside, Compartes is a glimpse into the mind of a chocolatier gone wild. Grahm’s creations run the gamut but are anything but ordinary. With over 60 varieties, the truffles’ ganache is organic with no sugar or preservatives. From infused tea to a hint of spice, the Signature Truffle Collection is 20 pieces of hand-dipped surprises. Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate is a hot seller, the cayenne-cinnamon blend with Día de los Muertos skulls on top.

The sky’s the limit at Compartes, just like the famous Roald Dahl character mentioned above. Artisan delights in the form of chocolate bars include strawberry and banana, orange peel with spicy pink peppercorn and the pumpkin sea salt medley, ideal for those of us with a slightly savory sweet tooth.

My absolute favorite thing at Compartes is the famed Love Nuts. Wrapped in a petite cellophane bag, these babies are the real deal. Vanilla caramel pecans, roasted jumbo macadamias from Hawaii, cashews and almonds are covered in sea salt, chocolate and cocoa powder. You can’t eat just one!

If you haven’t decided already to pay a visit to Compartes, here’s one more reason. Compartes is taking their famed peanut butter cream filling and putting it in a jar. That’s right, Peanut Butter Spread for your toast, cupcake, spoon or even more chocolate!

Especially during this season, Compartes has a special holiday collection that you don’t want to miss.

For more information, call (310) 826-3380 or visit compartes.com.