Sure, they will go with you to an art gallery or museum. Of course, they’d be down to go to a flea market, farmers’ market or a grocery store. If it’s a love that’s growing, they may even go with you walking or running; after all, exercise does make the heart beat faster. Just like love, right?

How do you know if it’s true love, though? If it’s really love? Real love has no boundaries, no limits, right?

Here are some places that your Bonnie or Clyde can prove to you that they really love you simply by coming with you when love may be getting complicated; when the definition of love may be getting a bit out of hand.

1) Their old and new apartment on moving day: It was cool when you two were at the old place, not moving at all, just watching movies on the couch or lying in the bed. That bed and couch were perfectly fine at the old place, and you were happy with the relationship exactly how and where it was, without having to help move all of their crap. Hands: full of boxes.

2) The airport: Why can’t love ever remain as it were at the beginning? Why can’t he or she remain where they were at the beginning? Why do they have to go to the airport? Why do you have to wake up early, wait for them to get ready (They’re running late and somehow it’s your fault apparently because they keep yelling at you.)? Why do you have to run inside with them trying to catch their plane like a romantic comedy minus the romance and comedy? This is never funny or fun. Hands: stretched out straight on both sides so the airport can enforce their new uncomfortable security check. Whoa.

3) The free clinic: Before you met your current love, you never suspected your last one would leave you with gifts that you couldn’t take back, and you never, ever suspected you’d be at the free clinic with your new love. No, you didn’t cheat after you dropped them off at the airport, either. It’s probably just a rash from that soap you got at the flea market or the airport, but double-checking never hurt, and double love points for him or her going with you there because no one ever wants to go there. Ever. Hands: one covering your private parts, the other covering your face – before, during and after your visit!

To be continued…