Anthony Vandal’s Classic Rock Hits are just like the original hits, but slightly better because he backs them with different beats. Take the tune “Apologize,” for example, to which he adds a techno sound. It really just makes you want to dance and sing; this makes the song cooler because you hear it from another musical perspective.

However, where Vandal truly succeeds is with John Lennon’s “Imagine,” precisely for his unique, deeply toned voice. Vandal makes a profound connection with listeners through his cover of the well-known tune; there is definitely emotion and a lot of feeling involved.

Anthony Vandal penetrates the Latin audience with “Como Te Extraño (How I Miss You),” which is from the popular Argentine voice of Leo Dan, “Contradicción (Contradiction)” and “Tu Amigo Fiel (Your Faithful Friend).”

Classic Rock Hits is worth picking up for your musical pleasure.

Grade: A

Classic Rock Hits is currently available.