Creator Garth Ennis’ magnum opus follows Jesse Custer, a small-town preacher who is possessed by the godforsaken offspring of an angel and a demon and imbued with the power of the Word of God. Now, with his ex-assassin girlfriend and vampire friend Cassidy, Jesse takes to the road to find an absent God and hold him accountable for his deeds.

This beautiful hardcover omnibus includes the spectacular High Plains Drifter-esque origin story of the Saint of Killers. It’s a bloody tale of revenge, damnation and a card game with the Devil. Then, Jesse and company travel to the Big Easy, where we gain some insight into a chapter of Cassidy’s long life and find that he might not be the fun-loving cad he makes out to be. Meanwhile, Arseface is hot on their trail and bent on revenge for the death of his father.

Preacher somehow manages to be over-the-top violent, unabashedly profane, constantly inventive and oddly touching.

Ennis provides a new introduction.

Grade: A

Preacher Book 3 is currently available.