Man, this CD is fun. That’s the first thing that hit me after only listening to a few songs. In true Aquabats fashion, they have once again found a way to take music to a fun and happy place.

The witty lyrics flow from song to song, and this time they even brought along special guests like Biz Markie and the most awesomest character ever to grace a computer screen: STRONG BAD! Yes, the one and only from “Homestar Runner” is featured on this album.

I’m excited about this album not only because of the fun songs and great choices in guest vocals, but the production is excellent. Each instrument in this ensemble has its own voice and its proper place. Often bigger bands lose the depth in their structure, but not this offering from the rash guard-wearing, caped ska crusaders.

Hi-Five Soup! is as fun to listen to as it is to dance along with. Pick this up and get ready for the live show that will soon follow.

Grade: B+

Hi-Five Soup! is currently available.