Composer Kenny Brand’s latest release Canciones Contemporaneas (Contemporary Songs in Spanish) comes as a special treat to its listeners.

The album includes the voices of Chuy Gomez, Ree Gee O, Kleyton, Jennifer Jimenez, Avi Michaels J and Marcos Mendoza in a unique combination of Latin jazz, R&B, pop, country and rock.

One highlight is “La Tormenta” (“A Perfect Storm”), featuring the voice of Ree Gee O, who’s reminiscent of Italian pop singer Eros Ramazzotti. However, “Mi Mejor Amigo” (“A Man’s Best Friend”) has similarities to a Luis Miguel tune with Chuy Gomez’s voice.

“El Momento Paso” (A Moment In Time) with vocals by Jennifer Jimenez is a romantic and mellow song where the organ stands out. Moreover, “En Ese Tiempo” (At The Time) boasts a classic country melody, and this is perfect for Contemporary Songs because it provides an upbeat track and conjures a fun vibe. Avi Michaels J is the featured voice.

Kenny Brand’s Contemporary Songs, which Martin Mayo produced, Edgard H. Roth musically arranged and Richard Bosworth engineered, is a solid selection to play for any occasion.

Grade: A-

Canciones Contemporaneas is currently available.