If you ever have a hard time keeping your mp3 player or iPhone in your pocket while running or exercising, there’s a new gadget in the ’hood … literally. HoodieBuddie is a sweatshirt that contains a standard headphone jack that makes your life easier to plug into your music.

What a great concept for those of you who can’t be bothered with holding your devices. The headphones are the drawstrings, soft earbuds that are machine washable – and free from getting tangled up. That makes it really easy to stay plugged in, especially when traveling.

HoodieBuddie features HB3 Technology, which features embedded audio specially formulated for the drawstrings. When using your HoodieBuddie, the sound is crisp, pretty much like your headphones that come with an iPod. You can wash the HoodieBuddie, but I recommend using the gentle cycle and hang drying for best results.  Should you lose your buds, HoodieBuddie will send extra ones to you.

The HoodieBuddie comes in men’s, women’s and unisex sizes, with a large selection of colors and pullover or zip-up styles. New to the line, the Betty White series features everyone’s favorite Golden Girl on tees and sweatshirts. With funny screen prints like “Betty White, Queen of the World” and “Betty White is my Homegirl,” don’t be surprised if you get interrupted while listening to your music! Your purchase also supports the Morris Animal Foundation, an organization dedicated to curing canine cancer.  

The HoodieBuddie won’t set you back too much in the price department, ranging from $20 to $60, depending on the style you choose. Even better, “like” HoodieBuddie on Facebook for a 10 percent off coupon. And you can send in your pictures of how you use your HoodieBuddie to its fullest for a chance to receive a second HoodieBuddie for free.

HoodieBuddie is available at JCPenny and hoodiebuddie.com.