As one of the many inhabitants of Los Angeles, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to escape the monotony of city life and truly relax. But as a pet owner and a student, I find it incredibly difficult to be able to thoroughly manage my school schedule, personal matters as well as my social life. Sometimes I let my mind wander and think of how my four dogs and two cats manage to keep their lives full, relaxing and excited when I’m not around.

It doesn’t worry me much because I know that the atmosphere of my parents’ house must benefit them, and they must be spending their days running through the house and causing havoc when no one is around. But I also have friends who are pet owners and don’t live in the same situation as I do, who don’t have a huge backyard and tons of space for their pets to run around in. And it makes me wonder what kind of care and attention can be given to an animal when its owners aren’t around.

Bark Avenue offers a plethora of services that are perfect for those in this situation, who work or go to school during the day and want to make sure their beloved pet is taken care of. Bark Avenue Foundation was started by Melanie Pozez, a loving pet owner and advocate who fully understands the plight of abandoned animals and is striving to make their worlds vastly better. The foundation accepts donations and support from those who care to do something about the growing pet overpopulation and want to make things better for abandoned animals.

Bark Avenue is the successful brainchild of Pozez and her husband Jay, and they offer a wide range of services from their downtown Los Angeles location. They offer “Everything Under One Woof,” including a daily playcare service offered in full day, half day and hourly increments that allows you to drop off your cat or dog at their Main Street location. Or, if you choose, they offer a pet limousine service that will pick up and drop off your pet. Once your pet has arrived at Bark Avenue, the red carpet rolls out and your pet is given the opportunity to socialize with other animals as well as exercise. Bark Ave provides web cam services for those with Internet access.

For the dog owners who find themselves too exhausted after a long day at work or school and cannot muster enough energy for a quick walk, then you can rest assured that Bark Avenue has your back. They offer dog-walking services that include group and individual walks. Bark Avenue will pet sit, for cats and dogs, overnight as well as for longer stays. Their specialties include in-house bathing, grooming and massage for both cats and dogs to make sure your pet will be clean, pleasant smelling and well groomed upon its return to you.

Bark Avenue’s services are far from done; they also offer pet training classes for groups or private sessions at your home, office or Bark Avenue. The classes offered are obedience training, puppy classes and one-on-one in-home potty training for dogs that need a little extra attention. Other services you can take advantage of are vaccination clinics, flea and tick protection at low costs and information for those who need a pet spayed, neutered or microchipped.

And even if you aren’t a pet owner, Bark Avenue can provide you with information that will help those in your life who might need access to free and low-cost veterinary services as well as financial support. There are other ways to give without necessarily taking on the loving task of caring for an animal by donating to Bark Avenue Foundation or volunteering at a local shelter or SPCA center.

Animals are bundles of joy because they reciprocate the love you show them. So love a pet today that wants nothing more than to show you love in return!

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