Male or female, you’ve probably had a bout with nail biting. If you bite them too far down, it looks ugly and can be painful. There are millions of nail salons you can go to in this town, but some tend to sacrifice cleanliness, or there’s a huge language barrier.

About four years ago, Bellacures, a new nail salon in town, was started by Samira Asemanfar whose idea was to change the way we mani/pedi. She wanted to ensure that her clients feel “comfortable enough to focus on what really matters: remembering that the little girl inside of you just wants to sparkle.”

Now men, you’re not cut out of this philosophy. What’s cool about Bellacures is the seating. Gone are the spa tubs and in come plush chairs with high armrests for your comfort. The pedicure tubs are lined with plastic and filled with perfectly warm water. Bellacures uses these tubs because it’s been said that pipes from whirlpool spas can carry bacteria, hair and skin particles if not cleaned correctly. They also start you with a disposable pouch filled with toe separators, files, buffers – all the tools necessary for your treatment. After your treatment is finished, you can take the pouch home for further use … green and clean!

A popular service is the Fresh Start Manicure and Pedicure, a lemongrass soak with sea salt exfoliating treatment. After, a mask and paraffin treatment is applied to your hands and toes and the icing on the cake is a 10-minute hand and foot massage.

Bellacures features the latest colors from OPI and Essie nail polish. If you’ve ever used those products you know they are made to last.

Bellacures is located at 239 N. Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills; 205 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles; 11712 Barrington Court, Los Angeles; 1609 Montana Ave., Santa Monica; 13033 Ventura Blvd., A, Studio City. For more information, visit