“I’ve learned a lot. I’ve really learned a lot. I hope you found what you were looking for.” These words from Amos Lee’s song “Learned a Lot” prove to be undeniably true.

In his fourth album, Mission Bell, Lee has definitely learned a lot. On his musical journey of a career, he has genuinely escalated the level of talent he has to offer and will not disappoint fans with his latest collection of songs.

If Lee can sign Willie Nelson up on the making of his album, he must be doing something right. In their duet, they deliver a remarkable performance.

Among the other standouts on the album are the gritty and soulful “El Camino,” the eloquent “Cup of Sorrow” and “Windows Are Rolled Down.”

This album could change the direction of Lee’s career in the best of ways.

Grade: B+

Mission Bell is currently available.