In the “what’s-in-a-name” department, the Young International certainly seem to live up to the “young” part, and I’m talking about as a band, not about the members’ ages (which are also young). The guys say they’ve been honing the tunes for this five-song EP for five years, but then again the Nashville-based quartet just played their first gig last December.

You have to wonder what’s up with that, but regardless, the situation is not a reflection on the quality of music, which is quite polished. In fact TYI had a song, not included here, good enough to be placed on the soundtrack of the recent NBC movie A Walk in My Shoes.

The leadoff track on this debut recording is called “Ruckus,” but it’s not literally about making noise; it’s about diving headlong into a love relationship. “Gravity” is also a relationship song and, like “Ruckus,” is a slickly produced pop number featuring guitars that ring clear, emotion-laden vocals from Kaleb Jones and most importantly, a catchy chorus. “Straight Line” though is perhaps this brief offering’s best number; the mash-up of U2 and L.A. cool assures that “everything is gonna be alright” even though Jones’ vocals convey the feeling that things could go off the rails at any moment.

Grade: B+

The Young International is currently available.