Alright guys, spring is creeping up, and summer is not too far behind. Even though fun in the sun is tempting, what you should probably start considering is getting a move on bulking up your resume to find a job.

Yes, it’s unfortunate but true, the economy hasn’t been doing so well over the past few years. For college kids, this puts a damper on things, because they are not only faced with the need to compete for their first job amongst their peers, but also are in line behind those who have recently become unemployed who have the advantage of a resume that’s already packed with more experience.

So for those needing ideas to overcome these hurdles and get your foot in the door, here are a few to get you going.

The way to any employer’s confidence in you is to have a strong resume and a cover letter that stands out. Using unique words such as proficient, bright, career driven, detail oriented or anything that adds a little flair helps tremendously and provides the interviewer with your personality to boot.

For those who are a little unsure as to how to create the ‘perfect you’ on paper, there are sites online and classes you can take for building your resume such as, and There might be a fee included in some of these to access any information, but ones such as have free resume templates for all kinds of careers that you can view as well as information on the dos and don’ts when creating a resume and cover letter. If you’re just looking for a template, just search for ‘resume’ and thousands will pop up that you can probably nab for free online.

Now that you’ve got the idea for building a resume and cover letter, you probably want to spend some time bulking it up. Of course, there are the obvious choice of class activities and internship programs you can throw on there. Your guidance counselor should be able to provide an array of different clubs or social networks that you can join to help you get the leadership skills that will benefit you when going up against the unemployment line.

However, there are also volunteer work options and summer abroad programs you can find nationally or internationally that might add a bit of zest. Some places you can check out are, and These all have great programs that not only give you something fun to do in the summer but help educate and provide unforgettable experiences for students. If you can’t fit this into your summer, then fit it into your next semester.

Many students take semester abroad courses to change things up and add some depth to their education. Programs such as, or any of those offered at your school are all worth checking out and applying for. Just touch base with your guidance counselor for more information on what works for you and your degree.

Now that you’ve got a few ideas for adding a little meat, here are some extra pointers. Start researching places you’d like to apply for and call them for an informational. Also, when sending in your resume, if at all possible, make sure you can do a follow-up call or e-mail a week later to ensure the company you’re applying for has received it. This shows you are proactive and persistent to whomever you’re corresponding with, and gives you a better shot at getting that interview.

Also, keep in mind that interviews work both ways because you are also seeing if this company is right for you. Consider asking questions in regards to the turnover rate and if they promote from within. These are all important because you don’t want to be stuck at a dead-end job that might pay a little more to begin with if there’s another one that’s more hands-on with growth and experience.  

Well, you’re ready to go, so get started on planning, whether it’s your summer, the next four years or your life. Hopefully, this information will help you overcome the job search jitters and keep you from joining the unemployment line.