Do you constantly find yourself having to say to people you meet in bars, "I don’t know if you know this, but I’m kind of a big deal"?

Well, first, you need to find a bar where you can go and be happening and cool with lots of other happening and cool people. And second, if you do say that, you’d already know about Skybar and likely already be there, sipping a martini.

One of those trendy places that’s still trendy even though everybody knows about it, what makes the infamous Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood so appealing? Where do we start?

With its kind of rustic, kind of beachy atmosphere in the middle of bright lights in a big city, Skybar offers up a tranquil environment that’s still the nightlife hotspot you would expect to find in Hollywood.

It’s classy, with something of a ’40s Hollywood charm, but at the same time it’s still more or less for the social elite, so the occasional celebrity is not too uncommon here. That is, of course, assuming you get past the doorman.

Drinks can be a little pricey inside, but once you’re poolside in a chaise lounge, looking out at the great expansive view of Los Angeles that Skybar is privy to, you won’t be saying no to a Long Island Iced Tea – or five – for long. You may have to mortgage your house and sell your firstborn to close your tab at the end of the night, but hey, it’s worth it just to say you went. To the ladies, these are prime opportunities to find that rich sugar daddy to buy you drinks.

So go find those designer jeans, put all of your best bling on and get yourself spiffed up. Be ready to see and be seen because people-watching at Skybar is half (if not more) of the fun. There’s nothing more Hollywood than that, right?

Hours: 11 a.m.-2 a.m. daily. For more information, visit