Seattle indie pop performers Campfire OK could be the new Death Cab for Cutie or a less ruralized Fleet Foxes. Like those other Seattle-area groups, Campfire OK delivers wounded pop songs replete with temptations, addictions, recriminations, confessions and relationship articulations.

On the 44-minute, 12-track debut release, Strange Like We Are, Campfire OK deploys rolling drums, layered electronics and peripheral acoustic instruments such as ghosted trumpet, sheltered banjo and most especially echoed, minor-key piano to provide momentum or emphasis to metaphored tunes.

The Ben Gibbard-esque vocals give a steady density to oblique, personalized lyrics, while the organic and detailed alternative-pop flourishes recall Ben Folds Five mixed with Modest Mouse (another fine Washington State outfit). And an eccentric, underlying pulse sometimes evokes the Decemberists, particularly when banjo, brass and tiered keyboards build up to a crest or explode from folkish melodies to a heavier sonic swagger.

Grade: B

Strange Like We Are is currently available.