This is one of those bands that when they release a new album, it’s a continuation in a story. The vibe is similar to the others. The rhythm isn’t anything new, but it just sounds better. The vocals are and will always be a classic hail to the black leather. Evil and dirty, Lemmy Kilmister is aging like a fine whiskey, and with the advances in recording tehnology, his voice is clearer than ever.

This story takes us to the darker side of the spectrum that Mötorhead has been known to embrace. The overall tone is a bit of “I don’t give a fuck.” And I’ve just got to say, the drums sound awesome.

Track to download immediately: “Outlaw.” This one gets a high grade because of Lemmy. With the speed that this guy is going at, who knows how much longer we’ll have him around. And if you haven't already caught this band live, they are as about as loud as Dinosaur Jr. and twice as pissed off.

Grade: A-

The Wörld is Yours is currently available.