Nothing’s more satisfying than finding a band who surprises you with their creativity and dynamic performance. Many witnessed this as the Satellite welcomed Typhoon to the stage.

The band brought a full-bodied sound to their performance, which was epic to witness. A very fitting name for the ensemble, their sound rushed at all angles toward the audience, blending perfectly to create music that ranged from soulful grooves to triumphant orchestra jubilations. The crowd was completely taken by the great variance in sound and enjoyed the witty banter provided by frontman Kyle Morton.

Coming from Portland, Ore., they have a concept like no other and a roster of 12 musicians to carry the weight of it all, including the singer, guitar, bass, drums, cellist, violinist, additional drummer, horn section and pianist. Definitely a sight to see and hear, this is a must for anyone looking for a fresh new taste of indie rock music.

Their latest effort entitled A New Kind of House on Tender Loving Empire is due out March 8.