Alternative and modern rock group Lullwater have released their latest, Silhouette. Named after the street where they originated in southern Georgia, these heavy hitters have created 10 tracks that demand attention. This album covers multiple grounds as each song includes traces from 1970s classic rock to mid-’90s rock.

Guitarist Brett Strickland instantly sets the tone of the album with the first song, “Worse By Better,” as his guitar solos travel swiftly. His style is greatly influenced by southern rock acts while adding his own taste. Lead singer John Strickland’s screams dominate with his strong vocals yet reveal his versatility by singing in tracks like “Whatever Happened” and “Faithful Sinners.” The album carries strong percussion, which blends flawlessly with thick bass layers.

Silhouette includes intense energy and compelling hooks that create a wonderful listening experience. Each song provides a time capsule for numerous musical generations yet creates its own in today’s scene.

Grade: B

Silhouette is currently available.