If music can transport you anywhere in the world, then this CD is taking you straight to the countryside at the start of summer. This collection of tunes evokes the feeling of staying out all night and doing whatever feels good during the day. Keeping with their rock and blues-based tempo, the traditional country feeling is vacant from this album and replaced with a classic rock feel.

Quality is king on this CD; each track sounds excellent, and the range of instruments is mixed perfectly to be blasted at parties or in your car as you drive out into the middle of nowhere. The highlights come when you get halfway through the record. The four middle songs really beef up the emotional content of the record and allow you to experience something a bit deeper than your usual rock album.

Definitely a must-have for anyone that has been missing true rock ’n’ roll. Also, be sure to catch them live when they take off for their next U.S. tour.

Grade: A

Keys to the Kingdom is currently available.