Silhouettes, silhouettes, silhouettes. That is the focus of the historical fashion exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Continuing through March 27, the museum’s exhibition is dedicated solely to the history of fashion in Europe from 1700 to 1915. The viewer can observe an extremely legitimate version of what were the appropriate “It” styles of Europe, in 3-D.

Step into this exhibition and you will probably, for a second, feel like you time traveled into the past. Don’t be afraid, because the white, same-looking people with slightly freaky expressions are only mannequins. Weird, because these mannequins are not those ordinary mannequins you see at a department store; they have some serious attitudes and personalities. With their individual body shapes and silhouettes, the mannequins are even displayed in different postures.

The museum proudly states that it spent an incredibly long time meticulously considering the details of the women’s, men’s and children’s garments they were going to display. Paintings from the time, which the garments came from, were continuously referenced in order to display the garment in the most accurate way possible. It is quite funny how the museum went to the extremity of personalizing a mannequin for each garment. Instead of matching a garment to a mannequin, installation assistants padded each mannequin to form specific body shapes that would accurately display the garment’s intended silhouette. It does not seem like much, but the effort they put into each garment display could take up a few days to be perfect enough for display. From gowns of royals to wedding dresses, waistcoats and breeches and even the Victorian suits, the museum spent about a year gathering and dressing over 100 or so garments on these mannequins.

With their crazy and somewhat obsessive effort, the exhibition manages to get its mission across: to make apparent the ever-changing silhouettes of the dressing styles in Europe. Not only is the collection amazing, but it is also very dynamic as the personalized mannequins bring the garments to life. Visitors are able to see what people loved to emphasize the most about their bodies in different years. What’s even more interesting, if you are knowledgeable of the historical events, you are able to sense how past ideologies were reflected in the way people dressed.

After viewing the exhibition, you will be more appreciative of modern clothing. The romantic element of vintage European clothing is only an infatuation. Looking at abnormally manipulated silhouettes is quite disturbing if you ask me. Your fat is restricted and pushed around, heightening a person’s femininity and masculinity. Seeing the garments only just reminds you of how much old European style is overrated. I admit, the garments are glamorous and in some point in my life, like every other girl in this world, I had dreamed of wearing gowns like those on display. But then again, it is only the allure of the aesthetics of the garment that makes me say this. I would rather wear a boxy shirt than fainting from shortness of breath.

If you absolutely love everything about fashion, you will get your money’s worth. Better yet, the museum accepts free entrance after 5 p.m. for people who live in Los Angeles.

LACMA is located at 5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles. For more information, visit