iKit AutoCon FM Transmitter: IKit (ikit.com) has designed a new kind of FM transmitter with touch screen controls, perfect for navigating an iPod touch without having to deal with those pesky lock screens while driving. You can play, pause and go to the next or previous tracks.

It also features a one-touch switch with a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. A push of the button interrupts the music to take an incoming call on your iPhone; another push of the button returns to your tunes.

The AutoCon also features autoscan technology, which searches out the strongest FM signal in the area for the best possible sound. Manual frequency control is also available. The AutoCon has a removable car charger component (A USB to Dock Connector Cable is required.). Unfortunately, it can’t charge your device while it’s playing.

iSkin Duo/Pebble: iSkin (iskin.com) offers two great new cases for the iPod touch 4G. Both feature sleek, flexible yet durable protection for those who don’t want added bulk. Both also feature Microban antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of bacteria and keeps your iPod looking fresh out of the box.

The Duo is the sportier model. It features a cleverly designed belt clip to give you peace of mind while staying active. The clip rotates 90 degrees in either direction to meet your needs. Or you can remove it all together. It also doubles as a stand for watching movies.

The Pebble is the more stylish of the two, with slightly raised high-gloss ovals adorning the back.  Each case comes in a variety of colors and allows full functionality with ports and cameras.

Sleeptracker Pro Elite: A good night’s sleep is at a premium for college students. The Sleeptracker (sleeptracker.com) can make attaining that rare thing, solid rest, a little bit easier. How long you sleep isn’t the only factor in how you feel when you wake up. Anyone who has ever been dragged from a really good dream by the harsh sound of an alarm clock can attest to that. That’s what is so ingenious about the Sleeptracker. It monitors your sleep cycles and wakes you when you are at your lightest sleep. Voila, you wake feeling refreshed and ready to go!

The Sleeptracker is a watch that you wear to bed. You set your wake-up time and how big a window before or after that time you want to allow. The watch then detects signals from your body to determine what point is best to wake you. With an eye toward the gentlest possible waking, the Sleeptracker can be set to vibrate, so you don’t have to wake up to the jarring sound of beeping.

The Sleeptracker also features a Data Review mode, in which you can download a chart of your night’s rest to your computer to learn how you sleep. You can see how a late-night snack, too much to drink or a new mattress affected your sleep cycles and adjust your habits accordingly.

SportDog NoBark 10R: Everyone loves his dog, but if one lives in an urban environment, especially in an apartment building, even man’s best friend can quickly become a nuisance. From yapping Chihuahuas to overzealous guard dogs, a vocal canine can get you into hot water with the neighbors and drive you crazy. The NoBark 10R from SportDog (sportdog.com) is a versatile bark control collar to help nip out-of-control barking in the bud.

The NoBark features three correction modes: Temperament Learning, Progressive Control and User-Selected Correction. With 10 levels of correction, you can tailor the collar to your dog’s size and personality.

Some pet owners might have misgivings about this kind of discipline, but the NoBark’s design is geared toward allaying these concerns.

The collar uses a two-part detection system to avoid false corrections. It senses both vibration in the vocal chords and the sound of the bark.

Progressive Control mode starts at the lowest possible setting and increases with each subsequent bark within a given time. The collar also has an automatic shutoff to avoid overcorrection.

It has a simple one-button control with a screen, which displays the correction mode and battery life. The collar is waterproof up to 25 feet. It also includes a battery charger