Chaz Bundick, the mastermind behind Toro Y Moi, takes “chillwave” to a new plateau in Underneath the Pine. Unlike his previous release (Causers of This), Toro Y Moi recorded this album with full, live instrumentation in every song, but not without the familiar and comforting atmosphere of Causers. Toro Y Moi has progressed his sound forward by bringing us back to a vibe reminiscent of soul and funk from the ’70s (such as in the more standouts tracks like “New Beat” and “Still Sound”).

Both of his albums display amazing production value – every instrument tone is unique and contributes to the fun(ky) characteristic of the album as a whole. The variety of dynamic personality in the album makes it a great listen whether you’re in the mood for a little dancing or a little relaxing.

Grade: B+

Underneath the Pine is currently available.