Shedding her “Gossip Girl” persona for hardcore rock queen, Taylor Momsen of the Pretty Reckless kicked off her nationwide tour Friday at the El Rey. While many may be quick to write off the 17-year-old newcomer to the music world, fans at the sold-out show knew that Momsen could hang with the best of them.

Judging by Momsen’s eyes – drowned out by black eye shadow with bleached locks masking her face – there’s nothing pretty about the band’s sound. Momsen is a real deal rocker with a phenomenal look, captivating stage presence and a haunting wail that will leave you standing cold.

Clad in her signature outfit consisting of red lingerie, stockings and a leather jacket, Momsen strutted on stage to deliver the opening number “Since You’re Gone,” an aggressive tell-off bash to an ex-lover. Power surged through the night. On “Just Tonight,” the band’s first U.S. single, Momsen showed not only raw vocal maturity but commanding, gut-wrenching lyrics wrapped up in the most perfectly tortured love song.

On second glance, Momsen’s age is perhaps what’s most shocking about this authentic young talent. Already hitting overseas success in Europe, the Pretty Reckless’ takeover in the States is inevitable.