After months of delay, near perfection has arrived. Ringside, a duo hailing from the music-saturated streets of Los Angeles, manages to outdo and surprise most.

The band’s first self-titled album radiates with poise and promise. Guitar toting frontman Scott Thomas and beat maestro "Balt," also known as actor Balthazar Getty, aren’t just another dyad trying to make a quick buck with a prescription album. They mean business.

Having been influenced by a wide array of heavyweights including The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, The Beatles and The Clash, Ringside’s elaborate upbringing and knack for the know radiates in virtually every song on the album. Magnetic guitar-driven beat-rock, merged with Bono-esque gravelly vocals are merely fractions of the aesthetic that assembles the Ringside sound.

Though hard to pinpoint, Ringside contends with the likes of U2 or Local H and could also be grouped with The Postal Service. Radio friendly tracks like "Tired of Being Sorry "and "Strangerman" hijack listeners’ heads like a friendly car thief you want as a friend. This album only lacks your ears, so do yourself the favor and listen.

Grade: A

Ringside’s self-titled album is currently available.