Perry was last heard from as a "solo" artist over 20 years ago when he put out the last of his Joe Perry Project albums. The reason for the lapse has nothing to do with his busy schedule as guitarist for superstar band Aerosmith. The fact is that while Perry slings a mighty fine ax he just doesn’t have what it takes vocally to hold a listener’s attention.

After a slide guitar romp called "Shakin’ My Cage," Joe Perry careens downhill rapidly. "Pray for Me" has an intriguing Middle Eastern intro but the exotic sound soon gets buried under Perry’s lifeless singing. The song carries the telling lyric, "I need some help with my walk-through," which really is the story of this album (you don’t even want to know about the cover of the Doors’ "Crystal Ship").

The bluesy "Twilight" is the best that this album has to offer – it’s an instrumental. Maybe next time Perry will take a cue from Frank Zappa and "shut up and play yer guitar!"

Grade: C

Joe Perry’s self-titled album is currently available.