If you’re looking for an album that captures a live concert so you can relive the good times spent slipping in beer and roasting in the sun, you may be disappointed to learn that this year’s Warped Tour Compilation is all studio tracks from the participating bands. But despite that, the collection of songs still evoke that head nodding and pit moshing feeling.

The first thing you’ll notice is the extensive number of songs in this two-disc set. At 25 each CD, the bands are plentiful and organized by the stage on which they performed. The songs themselves are as varied as the bands playing them, but with some not quite fitting in with the image of the mostly punk-oriented tour.

Atreyu’s "Bleeding Mascara" and Zao’s "The Rising End" sound more like second stage Ozzfest acts than Warped Tour first-stagers. Their decidedly metal sounds interrupt the flow of the album, leaving the listener wondering how they were supposed to fit into the disc lineup.

But despite a few noisier tracks, the two CDs do provide a few real gems. Offspring’s "Beheaded" is a refreshing glimpse into the band’s less poppy alter ego. When you get to From First to Last’s "Note to Self," listen to the drummer’s intense and unorthodox use of rhythm.

The title of the compilation begs the question, why not wait until after the tour for a live album? But still, even with a few out-of-place tracks, these CDs bring it. Spike up a mohawk, grab a skateboard and crank this one up real loud.

Grade: B+

The 2005 Warped Tour Compilation is currently available.