The force behind Boston’s most notorious band has just been doubled with this new CD hitting stores just in time for St. Patty’s Day. The songs on this album tell stories that some of us can relate to and others that just make you want to slam a Guinness and jump in the pit. Musically, the use of accordion and banjo has never had a more harmonious marriage than on this album. Each song really pulls together the Murphys’ use of nontraditional instrumentation. Take the track “Memorial Day” – it’s still a driving one, but its use of flute and high-strung instruments really gives it a rare musical feel.

Don’t think that the lyrics have taken a softer side since the distortion has been turned down on this album. The vocals are still as poignant as ever, and the feel is very reminiscent of an old pub basement in Ireland. As far as what this band has done in the past, this album seems like it might just be that one that stands out from the rest.

Grade: A

Going Out In Style is currently available.