Let’s say you’re a fan of rock music, and a fan of Mr. Bean. Now, throw both of these joys together in a blender and add a side of unhinged lunacy, and you’ve got “Violators Will Be Violated,” created and performed by Casey Smith. Explosive and naughty, the show brings a fresh and hilarious interpretation of 18 different situational slapstick skits that rely solely on physical comedy.

With no dialogue, no supporting cast and no set, Smith performs a one-man show like no other. The play reboots our imagination, taking us right into a colorful and animated world of abrupt and obnoxious mayhem. With the use of good pantomiming and facial expression, Smith portrays an array of different characters in a variety of situations. Almost like watching a bunch of shorts put on by a live-action cartoon, you’ll get a kick out of the funny, unique vignettes like ‘Teen Slut,’ ‘One Last Die,’ ‘Barferina’ and ‘Pogosexual.’ Although some acts are a tad obnoxious, the acting is on point and overall, it’s a witty and delightfully clever show that breathes new life and sound into the term ‘silent theater’ and opens up a world where imagination and make-believe are your only guides.

Atwater Village Theatre is located at 3269 Casitas Ave., Atwater Village. For more information, please visit violatorswillbeviolated.com.