With a film title like HappyThankYouMorePlease, you aren’t sure what to expect. The film takes place in New York City and stars first-time writer-director Josh Radnor (“How I Met Your Mother”), Kate Mara, Malin Akerman, Pablo Schreiber, Zoe Kazan and introduces 10-year-old Michael Algieri. It centers around six 20-somethings and a young boy dealing with the usual angst of love, friendship and career, subjects that we all deal with at certain junctures in our lives, and depicts how strangers can unexpectedly come into your life and change it forever.

“The title is really about having an attitude of gratitude. If you are really enjoying something, say thank you, more please,” explains Radnor about how he came up with the title for the film.

Extremely impressive is that fact that Radnor wrote the script with himself in mind and also took on the additional feat of directing.

“I understood the DNA of the film, and it had a specific tone. I really needed to preserve that, and there were certain aspects of my personality that were appropriate, like being a healthy control freak,” Radnor says with a chuckle.

The rest of the cast agrees that he is the perfect person to direct.

Mara declares, “He kind of amazes me. He had a lot to think about, but in every role that he played he always gave 100 percent.”

Continuing with that same thought, Algieri agrees, “I got to do a lot of fun scenes. Josh was like a big brother to me, and off camera we would talk about sports and all the stuff I do at home.”

In addition to strong directing and casting choices, the writing is well done. The characters in the film are so different yet alike in their struggles to figure out who they are.

Akerman’s portrayal of Annie, a young woman suffering from alopecia (which leaves you bald), is fantastic.

“I was really happy about this role,” says a beaming Akerman. “I fell in love with Annie; she was so interesting. Extremely lovable, loving and very raw, and I admired her for wearing her heart on her sleeve.”

Akerman even took it to the next level for the role by shaving off her own eyebrows. Laughing, she continues, “Beauty tip, ladies: If you want to look five years younger, shave off your eyebrows!”

Mississippi, played by Mara, is going through a personal sort of sorrow while trying to get her singing career off the ground.

Graciously Mara says, “My character was a waitress while pursuing her singing career, but I’ve been really fortunate and knew what I wanted to do at a really young age, so acting has always been my job.”

Mara actually sang in the movie and adds, “The cabaret was definitely a Josh Radnor touch. Growing up my dream was to do Broadway, so singing for the film was great.”

And what makes this cast happy?

“Late-night snack Nutella, it does a body a good,” laughs Akerman. She treats herself to about three spoonfuls a day. On a more serious note though, she reflects, “Happiness is so many things. It’s so much about who you share your life with. I’m lucky in love, have a great career, I’m healthy and I want to share this with my friends.”

HappyThankYouMorePlease is a refreshing and well-made film with very sincere and relatable moments.

“Part of the movie is that you don’t need to change anything or acquire anything new but shift your perspective on your life,” Radnor says. “Retraining yourself to think in abundance rather than lack.”

HappyThankYouMorePlease releases in theaters March 4.