Billed from Minneapolis, power rock group Sick of Sarah continue their national tour in support of 2205, their sophomore record. The all-girl quintet received loud screams of excitement as everyone pressed towards the stage upon their arrival.

Lead singer Abisha Uhl quickly delivered vocals that caused the audience to melt. Their pop rock beats made everyone in attendance dance and shake left and right on the floor. Uhl appeared confident and secure on stage as she released screams into the audience. Guitarists Jessie Farmer and Katie Murphy stood at opposite ends providing backup vocals throughout the evening. Jamie Holm danced about the stage with her bass while often visiting Uhl and Murphy for musical face-offs.

Besides being a talented group, Sick of Sarah also revealed a hysterical side to them as they constantly joked with the audience. Their wild and quirky attitude perfectly showcased their charisma. Uhl repeatedly passed the microphone to fans standing up front as they nervously sang the words. The five-piece act is much more than their stunning good looks, they are a strong force that perform at an awesome level.