Portland-based electronic group Starfucker have released their latest album, Reptilian, with new label Polyvinyl. Known for catchy tunes and hook-driven beats, this album continues to push their signature sound, creating a perfect atmosphere on the dance floor. With 12 tracks itching to be heard, Reptilian becomes highly addicting long after the tracks finish.

Just as on their previous releases, multi-instrumentalist Josh Hodges composed most of the principal writing. The album includes a wide range of experimental sounds, beginning with “Born,” an uncut acoustic start that evolves into electro-pop waves. “Julius” and “Mystery Cloud” transcend into a virtual world where dancing is the norm. Hodges’ vocals hover throughout the album as he softly delivers lyrics over the heavy electronic keys.

The quartet has crafted a successful pop dance album with efficient vibrations that can pump life into any party. See them perform March 11 at the Troubadour.

Grade: A

Reptilians is currently available.