This is a definite buy for those of you who like hard rock with a hint of the late ’90s. Bringing together sounds that are aggressive – but not too abrasive – and driving, Kopek delivers a solid album from Ireland.

The song topics range from the death of music to love-infused, angry rock anthems. Guitars are the main instrument you’ll be hearing on this album, and that’s not such a bad thing. The riffs are original, offer depth and keep you wanting more from song to song.

It’s the vocals that stand out the most in White Collar Lies. High pitched at times and rough around all the edges, singer Daniel Jordan pushes his voice to the limit and really completes the feel for Kopek. Just as you think a song getting to the point where it has abused your tolerance, it changes in ways that surprise you and opens up the range of the composition.

Standout tracks include “Fever,” “Bring it on Home” and “Bigger Than Us All.”

Grade: B+

White Collar Lies is currently available.