Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) newbie Brett Conway and co. perform the works of internationally known choreographers Crystal Pite (“The Second Person”) and Paul Lightfoot and Sol León (“Silent Screen” with music by Philip Glass). Here, Conway comes clean.

When did you start dancing?

I started taking ballet lessons when I was five years old. Through the earlier years of my training I was lucky enough to go to a school that was attached to a small professional company and be able to observe what it was like to dance in a company. When it finally clicked that this just didn’t have to be a childhood hobby but I could actually make a career out of this, I just knew that this was what I wanted to do.

What have been some of your most amazing experiences with NDT?

Well, I just joined NDT this past August, so I haven’t been in the company that long, but I have enjoyed the process of change. I came to NDT to continue my growth as an artist, knowingly that I would be challenged with new repertoire, working with new dancers, adapting to a new culture, and that to me has been such a great experience so far because with these challenges comes growth.

How did you end up with this company?

I came to NDT after dancing eight years with Alonzo King LINES Ballet. I joined LINES right after I graduated from high school and had the opportunity to work intensively with Alonzo for those eight years, which for me was a tremendous experience. But I was also curious to know what it was like to dance other works by great choreographers, how other companies operated and to have the experience to live in Europe. So I auditioned for NDT, and here I am now.

Who were some of your greatest inspirations?

There have been various different artists who have inspired me along the way. I’ve been inspired by dancers, actors and singers. Their commitment to their craft, fearlessness, genuine love for what they do and generosity are qualities that I admire most and aspire to give through my work.

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