Portland based rapper Luck-One has created an album that defines creativity. Debuting his first record, True Theory showcases his abilities as an exceptional lyricist that travel flawlessly with vibrant rhythms and gusty guitars. Since serving five years in prison at the age of 17, he has emerged with dedication and passion, delivering thought-provoking material across multiple tracks.

The musical direction covers light jazz and classical layers, which blend seamlessly with electronic keys and pop beats. Most importantly, Luck-One delivers a message in every song as he dives past eardrums attaching themes of social and cultural perceptions. Reality strikes hard as he exposes present struggles within our society yet expresses hope and strength along with unity as a race. Each song elevates and motivates with a positive message, without preaching. The album contains 15 songs that express art and intelligence that has become a rare sound in today’s hip-hop genre.

Grade: A

True Theory is currently available.