Andddd he scores! Did you ever wish you could capture that special instant when your favorite basketball player makes an incredible backward dunk, but the photo comes out all wrong because of your amateur photography skills? Well, now you can relive a string of exciting sports moments when you visit the Universal Art Gallery starting March 26.

Shane Stover, a participant of Victory Fine Art (a program that combines sports and art), comes together with Armando Villareal, Garry Limuti and Bo Bridges for a special exhibit of some of their hyper-real sports figure art and photographs. Victory Fine Art helps you to relive some of the most legendary moves by some of your favorite athletes. Varying in mediums from acrylic to color pencils to photographs, the exhibit makes you want to become an athlete yourself. According to Stover, the works show a strong passion for sports and art.

Stover believes that the “power of art is incredible. It is able to entertain and affect somebody emotionally.” This is exactly so, as Stover creates paintings that are so reminiscent of photos you start hearing distant roars of a crowd and a sports commentator. Stover and the other artists’ pieces allow you to re-experience that breathless moment seconds before the athlete makes an unforgettable move. With his portraits, Stover aims to tell a story of the athlete. His passion for sports art comes from his ability to appreciate what they do since he, too, once indulged in sports like baseball and basketball.

Also at this exhibit are drawings and paintings of three winners of an art contest held by National Institute for Sports Excellence (NISX, – a “pretty cool company” according to Stover. A portion of the proceeds from the art exhibition goes to NISX to help inner-city kids by providing them with skills and alternative ways to achieve their dreams.

The opening reception will be held March 26 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Universal Art Gallery is located at 2001 Lincoln Blvd., Venice. For more information, visit