Storms members Lori Scacco and Eva Puyuelo have created a beautiful record titled Lay Your Sea Coat Aside. Filed with peaceful bells and dream-state guitars, this album travels smoothly across the air providing a soothing atmosphere.

Together, Scacco and Puyuelo develop a complete state of relaxation through their lullaby renditions and gentle humming vocals. During the opening track “Wolves and Bells,” experimental elements are instantly detected by warping backward vocals that blend magically with the raw layers of acoustic instruments.

The album is inspired by 1970’s psych folk that is executed perfectly. Nine tracks transcend into each other, appearing highly exquisite and fundamental. The song “Forest Year” includes lingering echoes with soft vocals that expose a frail, limber side, but evolves into a melancholic ambience that floats with a cool breeze. The obscure climate vibes are felt with every word but are controlled with a minimum percussion presence, which isn’t greatly necessary.

Grade: A

Lay Your Sea Coat Aside is currently available.