The supernatural world is difficult to explain. Some people believe in it. Some do not. Some do not even make the attempt to join such a conversation.

But you cannot tell this to director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell, who joined minds to bring the public Insidious. Wan and Whannell carry an immense amount of charisma when chatting about the film, not to mention its supernatural subject.

“Knowing that it was hard to scare me, I was literally trying to scare myself,” Whannell says of his inspiration while writing the film’s first draft. “I knew that if I could scare myself, there is a good chance I could scare others.”

A horror film, Insidious is about a boy who is haunted and the suspenseful events that lead to his recovery. There is a shocker, however, but there will be no spoilers here.

Rather, before or after watching Insidious, think about the film’s story and imagine it to be based on life experiences, or true events. How did this come to be?

“We decided to draw from supernatural stories that have happened to us personally, and our friends and families. So technically, I can say Insidious is based on true events,” Wan confesses at one point. “Pretty much all the really creepy stuff in this film is drawn from experiences around us, and they’re stories that would send chills up your spine.”

Chills? Yes! In fact, it is rumored that audiences at advanced screenings have been screaming and jumping from so many thrilling horror scenes.

“I used people around me as inspiration,” Whannell adds regarding the personal touch on Insidious. “Renai and Josh, the two main characters of the film, are really an amount of people I know.”

Led by a wonderfully solid cast of Patrick Wilson (Josh) and Rose Byrne (Renai), the writer-director team had no problems whatsoever working with this duo.

“Patrick, Rose and the entire cast were so amazing to work with,” Wan admits. “Not only were they great people, but great actors as well.”

Wan and Whannell teamed up with the Paranormal Activity creators (producers Oren Peli, Jason Blum and Steven Schneider) with one prominent concept: to reinvent the haunted house genre for our current generation. And they succeed in doing that: Insidious is this generation’s Poltergeist.

“We wanted to set out and make a really scary film,” Wan says.

Carnival of Souls and The Exorcist are no match for Insidious because of its peculiar twists, frightening images, sound effects, unique plot, comedy and the mystery behind it all.

Whether you believe in the supernatural world or not, see Insidious. It will give you a scare and, at least, something “further” to think about.