Instrumental act 3:33 have created seven chilling tracks on their debut EP. Associated with acclaimed hip-hop group Parallel Thought and rapper Tame One, these anonymous musicians embark on a dark and twisted journey filled with haunting rhythms and nail-biting beats. The EP flows much like a soundtrack, adding a sense of fear and wonder.

Every track conjures the image of an abandoned warehouse as the sounds echo and cause a horrifying desertion. Suspense is smeared from beginning to end, wrapped with an eerie sensation of being followed. Although extremely limited, distant voices can be heard whispering indescribable words that force a musical panic.

Each instrument is viciously manipulated to enhance a post-apocalyptic musical experience. Aside from causing Freddy Krueger to check his closet for monsters, 3:33 include beats and heavy bass melodies that demand nodding heads to listen closely.

Grade: A

EP 1 is currently available.