“Wish I Had a Sylvia Plath,” written by Edward Anthony, is a play that is full of psychotic energy. The play depicts the thought process of a poet named Ester who suffers from loneliness and career dissatisfaction. Riled up in her own thoughts, Ester ultimately calls it quits to her existence.

Amy Davidson (Ester) astonishes with her schizophrenic acting techniques, helping not only the audience but also herself to relive the moments before a poet’s dramatic exit from life. Extremely funny at first, the play adds constant twists of dark humor to resonate a feeling of creepiness and provide grotesque laughter.

Acting out at least six different characters on her own, she manages not to confuse the audience while constantly changing her voice. Davidson takes us through the hysterical and complicated nature of a person’s stream of thoughts, letting us flow through the fast-paced zigzags inside a person’s head. Even though the stage space is no bigger than the size of a bedroom, it is creatively laid out to transform smoothly into different scenes.

This disturbing story will leave you in shivers.

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