With the food truck craze in full swing, sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right truck. Korean barbecue tacos? Ice cream sandwiches? Nachos? Then, you see the yellow of the Mac ’n’ Roll Truck, and your mind is instantly made up.

If you’re a college student, mac and cheese is a definitive staple in your diet. But this isn’t just regular mac ’n’ cheese from the box. Taking inspiration from family recipes and other recipes, the Mac ’n’ Roll Truck carries flavors like spinach and artichoke, sweet potato and even buffalo chicken, offering affordable varieties that take this childhood dish to gourmet heights.

Picking up on the food truck frenzy and finding the idea of being her own boss intriguing, Constance Ford decided to start Mac ’n’ Roll in July 2010. For Ford, the truck is not only about the food, but also the experience eaters take away.

“I want them to just have food that tastes really good and they really like, and I like the idea of having a sense of nostalgia to it because lots of people think of mac ’n’ cheese as the fun childhood sort of food,” Ford says. “I like the feeling that it’s a comfort food but with the additions that we’ve made, it has become an adult sort of thing but still with that nostalgic feeling.”

On a Friday afternoon in sunny Culver City, Ford is splitting her time between taking the orders from the long line of customers outside the Mac ’n’ Roll Truck and packaging the food into brown paper bags reminiscent of elementary school days. Sitting at a table nearby, eaters happily take out their shiny boxes, the simple plastic forks completely contradicting what is inside – an explosion of ingredients that leaves the flavor lingering in your mouth and adds a satisfying heaviness to your rumbling stomach. Each recipe has its own standout flavor combination, but each one proves to be a creamy delight to your taste buds.

Perhaps one of the strangest sounding combinations, the Sweet Potato Mac takes what is generally considered a side dish and creates a flavorful, addictive offering that could very well be an entrée. Sprinkled with breadcrumbs and blended generously with small morsels of the saccharine potato, this item is incredible. The first bite automatically overwhelms you with a unique fusion of otherwise innocent ingredients that when put together create a plate everyone loves. The small noodles may come from typical market-bought plastic bags, but they transform into so much more inside their aluminum packaging.

To keep up the veggie-friendly trend, the Mac ’n’ Roll Truck also offers a luscious version of a Spinach and Artichoke Mac, one of Ford’s personal favorites. This concoction instantly envelopes the tongue in a salty medley of creamy spinach and juicy chunks of artichoke, meaty pieces that are sure to bring happiness to artichoke lovers. The flavor can be a bit much to handle at times, but rest assured it remains intact if you want to save half and microwave it later.

The Caprese Mac might be less adventurous but is equally creamy. With its simple combination of bright cherry tomatoes and small strips of basil, it allows the sauce to speak up even louder. Though this particular recipe does not zap the taste buds with a pleasant shock like the other dishes do, it does present the strength of all of the dishes – a creaminess that keeps you guessing at the ingredient of Mac ’n’ Roll’s creamy sauces.

Mostly what you take away from the truck is a perfect blend of the adult love of flavor and the kid’s affinity for adventure. The love of mac ’n’ cheese abounds, blended in with a talent for showcasing dishes that keep you yearning for another bite. At around only $7 each, the six Macs mix the best of both worlds – the truck craze for cheap, quick food and Los Angeles’ longing for exciting, enticing flavors.

For more information, visit macnrolltruck.com.