Imagine this: two guys on their knees in front of you. One of them is a typical football player, with a little mustard stain on his jersey, tussled hair and a sheepish smile. The other looks like he came straight out of a Ralph Lauren catalog, fashioning shiny shoes, frizz-free hair and flawless skin. Whom would you pick?

Now, what if there was an option No. 3: a combination of both? Impossible? Meet Ken, our very own fairy tale prince and author of I Love Ken: My Life as the Ultimate Boyfriend. Yes, Ken as in Barbie and Ken. In this pretty little book, he shares all of his secrets to becoming the epitome of every girl’s fantasy. From tips on dating to his recent breakup heartache, Ken is ready to spill his plastic heart out. With his genuine honesty and gentle humor, he once again raises the bar for all of you boys out there.

So boys, if you are sitting in your dark room wondering why girls reject such a good-looking, funny and nice guy like yourself, grab yourself a copy (Ordering online works if you would rather not stand in line with this shiny neon-colored book.). By the time you’re done, you’ll be ready to meet a real-life Malibu Barbie in your brand new surf shorts.

Grade: B+

My Life as the Ultimate Boyfriend is currently available.