It is possible to sing with your tongue wedged firmly in your cheek! Proving it are Cufi and Cosmo, the two main vocalists for the kings of urban satire, El Pus.

Hoodlum Rock: Vol. 1 takes an honest and humorous look at life in the ’hood: it ain’t all gangstas and desperation. But the thugs, hookers, drug users and other colorful sorts that populate these songs make for great stories, even if they buck today’s trend of glorification.

The whole deal is pretty well summed up by a couple of lines from "Suburb Thuggin’": "You’re just thuggin’ in the suburbs and you better watch yourself/’Cause when you’re thuggin’ in the suburbs you might run into real gangtas."

Every song here is easy to get close to – two listens and you’ll be having lots of fun singing along. "Slot Machine," "Monday Morning" and the Outkast-like "Thing Thing" are standouts.

Grade: A

Hoodlum Rock: Vol. 1 is currently available.