Following their first 2003 release Emotions, Alaska! is back with Rescue Through Tomahawk, a foreboding assortment of songs that fit into the indie-rock college-radio genre.

Vocally, lead singer/guitarist Imaad Wasif resembles David Bowie with a goth twist, which would work well if presented with material that possessed a catchy hook or left any lasting effect on the listener, but unfortunately this 10-song collection falls flat.

Despite the raging guitars and thrashing beat, the songs are as dull and forgettable as two-day old leftovers. "Through The Years" seems like it takes years to get through at 8 minutes long and, along with the other tracks, sounds like it belongs on the sound system of every darkly lit club in Hollywood.

Sure, there are far worse albums out there, but I was hoping for something far better.

Grade: C

Rescue Through Tomahawk is currently available.