Pop rock band I Was Totally Destroying It has released its follow up to 2009’s Horror Vacui. Packed with fast tempos and adrenaline driven catchy choruses, the five-piece act delivers 10 infectious songs that remain trapped inside skulls long after they are over. Singers Rachel Hirsh and John Booker alternate responsibilities behind the microphone, while revealing themes of heartache and angst-wrapped confessions. With that being said, the rapid-fire guitar riffs and dance-driven harmonies keep each song from being overly depressing and sappy.

Booker and Hirsh create a unique blend of energetic melodies with hip-thrusting rhythms at every attempt. The addition of brass instruments adds thick layers of sympathetic vibrations that are balanced by electronic keys and pop-consumed beats. The album conveys multiple periods as ’80s new wave and indie rock are tightly sewed into a bubble gum pop fabric engaging listeners to dance wildly across any room.

Grade: B

Preludes is currently available.